Saturday, April 20, 2013

Justin bieber

Watch "Justin Bieber - Apologizes for Smoking Weed : Saturday Night Live 2013 HD" on YouTube
This video that we watched in class was so funny to me. Justin bieber was caught smoking weed & apologizes & says it wont happen again . We also talked about how soon justin fans would eventually decrease . Justin is getting older and voice will soon change . My opinion anyway . I like justin bieber but I liked his music much better when his voice was smaller and younger. I also liked when he looked much younger and now he looks older .

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tattoos and piercings

Goodmorning , class the other day was kind of interesting . We were talking about tattoos and the reasonings for them. Some tattoos are appropriate and some arent . I defiantly think that too many tattoos on a female isnt really lady like expecially if they cant be covered . For example , face tattoos. Why do people put tattoos on their face ? Whats the point? Thats not cute at all in any kind of way. Me personally I have 4 tattoos and I regret every single one of them. They have no meanings , they werent done professionally and dont look too good. Tattoos also makes people look at you differently; tattoos all over a mans body makes them  look really tough and sometimes a bad guy depending in what the tattoo is and say.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pop culture essay

Goodmorning , yes im up at 2:30 am. Cant sleep for nothing. Well ive been going over my essays and im having trouble with this pop culture essay. I know it isnt that complicated but for some reason I cant seem to come up with a lot of stuff to write about.I was wondering if writing about how technology has changed a lot if things today and how back then people didnt use technoligy as much as we do today. Basically technology has taken over everything . Everything people do now adays it involves technoligy. Is that considered pop culture? I wasnt in class on the day everyone in sweeneys class wrote all the topics on the board so im kind of clueless and I was wondering if that was a good enough topic with more details. Can anyone give me something I can write about because im stuck and still havent started yet. HELP!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Class today

Today class was cool. We read over our reading about a single father. My situation is somewhat about this reading. My father and i never had the strongest relationship , we barely ever got along. My mom has now divorced my dad and is now married to another man. My dad does not like this man taking pictures with me does not like this man giving me money and hates the fact this guy calls me his step child. I dont think its too much of a big deal and i really think my father should be able to face the fact my mom and him arent together anymore and her husband is going to be in my life and were going to have some kind of connection. I will never call my mom's husband my dad because he doesnt deserve that title, not that he's not a sweet guy; he's just not my father and he didnt create me. I will never understand my dad, maybe if i have children i would.


Hey everyone. I know its pretty late but i just read over Sweeney's email he just sent out. Im kind of curious to see what my grade will be because i have been slacking on making it to his class and still havent turned my essays in. I was planning on turning them all in at once though , i started and finished my first essay; just not my second. Looks like no one has been coming to class though because everytime im in class its about 6 or 7 people there. I know it's kind of late to get things together but everyone if you havent been on your job its about that time to stop slacking and carry your butt to class!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Finally finished !

Good morning everyone. I just finished my last essay , yes i know im kind of late. Professor Sweeney says a essay is never really final and ill defiantly rather turn in a good essay than a half way done essay or rushed. Anyhow , I  am so ready to start my essay on family . My classmates gave me so many things to write about. There shouldn't be any reasons why i wouldn't be able to think of anything. I love the fact we all brainstorm together and come up with many interesting things on the topic. If it wasn't for my classmates giving their ideas about this topic i would be completely clueless on what to write about , they made it so easy. I still have to choose from three things i was to write on. There were so many ideas its hard to choose.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


We were having a discussion in class friday about no one  coming to class. And wondering why class was like nearly emty.I think professor Sweeney should defiantly start taking attendence & giving out more assignments . I guarantee if professor Sweeney starts taking attendence or even giving out assignments  I think people would start coming to class . Being that students know professor Sweeney doesn't take attendence they feel as if  it's not hurting them when it really isnt because everything we need to know and do is all on blackboard . Not saying that's a bad thing but proffeser Sweeney seemed to be curious about and so am I .