Saturday, April 20, 2013

Justin bieber

Watch "Justin Bieber - Apologizes for Smoking Weed : Saturday Night Live 2013 HD" on YouTube
This video that we watched in class was so funny to me. Justin bieber was caught smoking weed & apologizes & says it wont happen again . We also talked about how soon justin fans would eventually decrease . Justin is getting older and voice will soon change . My opinion anyway . I like justin bieber but I liked his music much better when his voice was smaller and younger. I also liked when he looked much younger and now he looks older .


  1. It is sad to say that he was supposed to be a role model to these young kids, but now that he smokes he has completely changed the mindset of these small children that are even cutting themselves for Beiber.

  2. he is on a downward spiral just like amanda bynes and lindsey lohan. it is a little entertaining